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People who sell resources annoy me. In fact, they infuriate me.

I’ve produced some well-received resources lately, but I can only take some of the credit for them. They involved collaboration with colleagues, ideas borrowed from teachers on Twitter, stealing things from Sparknotes, existing text-books and numerous other sources. I could never claim them to be solely my own work, so I have no right to ask for recompense. The only proper course of action is to share them with the people who helped create them. For free.

To access the resources, just click the links below and save them to your own device. Please do not try to edit them via Google drive – firstly, you won’t be able to. Secondly, I get five emails a day from people trying to access and change the master copies – and that isn’t happening!


Y7: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Workbook

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