Weekly Resource Round-Up 28.10.18

Hi Team English! I hope you are all enjoying (or have enjoyed) your half term. After the craziness of September, we’re back with the Weekly Resource Round-Up of the most handy resources shared on Team English in the last two weeks.

We are thrilled that so many of you have now signed up to Litdrive. Every week I will now add some of the highlights from the weekly uploads on Litdrive; they will be listed at the end of the blog.  If you or any colleagues are yet to do so then please get yourselves over there ASAP; it’s an absolute goldmine of the best of Team English resources. Excitingly, there is also now a section for Media and Film Studies teachers so there are even more reasons to sign up!

Have a great week,

Nikki and Becky

1) KS3 Homework Reading Olympiad – @MissMFrost

2) Power and Conflict knowledge organiser – @spryke2

3) Marking Feedback Sheet (AQA P1 Q5) – @jade_hickin

4) Power and Conflict Explode a Quotation – @mathew_lynch44

Now for highlights from Litdrive this week. I cannot add links as they won’t work unless you have a login… so make sure you set up an account (if you haven’t already done so!) and search for the resources below.  These resources have all been given four or five star ratings from our users so thank you to the contributors for sharing!

  1. WW1 Poetry SOW – by Mrstinac
  2. Paper 1 Lessons: The Secret Garden – by Horners
  3. Macbeth Meme Revision – by Aro
  4. Picture Frame Quote Analysis – by t.e.j
  5. War Poetry SOW for Year 9 – by Miss Hassell