Why I love… Engaging Revision or ‘The Final Push’


I’m not going to lie: Y11 have been absolute troopers. We are still teaching content at what feels like the 11th hour, but then it always feels close to the wire every year. We have three more poems to cover and three more lessons till the Easter holidays. I absolutely 100% appreciate that I have hurtled like a runaway train at breakneck speed through the final 9 poems of The Anthology and for the most part 11B/En4 have been amazing. They’ve focused, they’ve listened and they’ve annotated their way through the Anthology both with me and independently. This got me to thinking; what can I do when we come back from Easter that will be interesting, engaging and really valuable?

I’ve come up with a plan. I have 11 lessons with them between now and a walking talking mock practice. I hope that the structure works and that they…

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