Why I love…Twitter Revision


Why I love… Twitter Revision

I’m sure that we are not the first English department to use Twitter to promote English Revision, but I haven’t heard about it yet, so I thought I’d share our newly launched #revisechurchilleng.

Last term we discussed and debated how to make better use of our Twitter page and how to make it a more valuable tool for information on English and to make Twitter work for revision. Myself, @DaveG5478 & @ MrKingscote spoke about this on several occasions and what we came up with was the idea that we would somehow tweet resources, questions and quotes regularly in order to promote the interleaving of revision. We will also extend this and start tweeting models and examples, but are taking it one step at a time.

That was how the idea for  #revisechurchilleng was created. However, I still wasn’t sure how to implement it, as I wanted…

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